I’m D. T. Burns. Writer. Performance Maker. Generally Useful Person.

I am obsessed with visual storytelling. With the creation of narrative from the collision of movement and image.

I tell stories about unlikely communities. About being multiple things at once. About outsiders and wanderers.

I like art that’s willing to have a good time. Drag shows and cabarets. Circuses and impromptu musical numbers.

I like entertainment that’s willing to sober up. To ask questions. To learn and grow.

I’m not afraid to get dirty. I will cover my body in graham cracker crumbs if that will help you to listen.

I’m not afraid of the dark. I’m not afraid of silence. I’m not afraid of heights. (I am afraid of snakes.)

I work with Pilot V5 pens and index cards. Rubber chickens and ukuleles. Aerial silks and trash puppets.

I work with people who are always curious. Who aren’t afraid to take risks. Who love what they do.

Upcoming Work:

Not Our First American

A short global health technology opera

Premiering at the Pittsburgh Opera's Co-Opera Festival, April 2019

Conditional Horizon

A sci-fi comedy

Fort Collins Fringe Festival, July 2019