Dramatic Writing

An overview of my produced theatrical writing.

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Balloon Animals

Corporate surveillance agents become entwined in the life of an activist they have observing. What does it really mean to be seen, anyways?

Workshopped at City Theater in conjunction with the Carnegie Mellon University MFA New Works Series

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When international smugglers make the headlines bringing cheese into a nation where dairy is illegal, they must decide whether they stay gouda and quiet or take to to the streets as briedom fighters.

Premiered at the Ft. Collins Fringe Festival, August 2017

Outside the Lines.png

Outside the Lines

A lone hiker struggles to prove his identity when detained at the Kyrgyz border in the midst of a revolution.

Premiered at the Boulder International Fringe Festival, August 2016




Not Our First American

After a devastating earthquake in Bolivia, an American doctor and local nurse clash over whose expertise has authority in the clinic. With wounds festering in the heat, maggots spawning, and tempers rising, both must fight to overcome their own preconceptions to help the community recover.

Premiered at the Pittsburgh Opera's Co-Opera Festival, April 2019

Watch a recording of the performing here



A sci-fi operetta about unearthing truth from the wreckage of our history.

Premiered the Compos-it Festival at Carnegie Mellon, November 2018


Scripted Events


Watchword Theory


Softer Jupiter Escapes' narrative, actor-driven puzzle quest about data privacy.

CMU Playground, December 2017


The Great Monologue Game Show

Producer, Co-Writer

An audience-vote tournament pitting monologues by local playwrights and performers against each other in a dramatic showdown

CMU Playground 2017 and 2018


Dragon's Prey


A D&D themed escape room created by Softer Jupiter Escapes to benefit the National Center for Transgender Equality.

CMU Carnival, April 2017


Caution: Not a Step

Creator, performer

A dance-theater showcase about being off-balance in the modern world.

Ft. Collins Fringe, September 2016

Find Your Backyard.png

Find Your Backyard

Producer, co-writer

A showcase of local artists exploring themes of home, childhood, and creative freedom through storytelling, theater, live painting, and stand-up comedy.

Boulder Arts Week, March 2016